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Celebrating the rich, syrupy body achieved through the darker side of artful roasting—with an extra kick for those times you really need to stay wide awake. The caramelised sugars, molasses, and dark spice offer a comforting and easy coffee with a bold flavour that cuts through the largest milk-based beverage.

Lower oxygen transmission rates makes these pods taste better than ever. Now in Nespresso® classic compatible capsules.

Dark Chocolate + Almond Praline 

COUNTRY: 60% Brazil | 40% Colombia
REGION: Sao Paulo | Huila Department 
CULTIVAR: Red Bourbon | Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
PROCESSING: Natural | Washed

** Each carton contains 60 capsules. **

Will they work with my machine?
Our capsules have been specifically formulated to work with most current Nespresso® machines. For a full list of compatible machines, check out our FAQ here

Want to recycle your capsules? 
Either drop them off at our cafe in South Melbourne or head to Terracycle's website and create an account to send your recycling for free!

Wide Awake Capsules | Strong Espresso Blend | ST. ALi - 60 Capsules

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